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Neck Platysmal Banding


Patient had a facelift, chin implant and neck platysmal banding &CO2 skin resurfacing

As we age, the skin on our neck area loses elasticity which can cause the muscles under the chin and down the neck to become very visible. This is called neck platysmal banding and is caused when the vertical muscles located in your neck are over active, and becomes increasingly prominent with continuing loss of elasticity in the neck.

There are several ways (non-surgical and surgical techniques) to treat and correct the neck platysma bands.   Our doctors examine each patient carefully and determine the best technique taking into account: the patient desires, his or her anatomy, lifestyle and needs with regard to post-procedure downtime


BOTOX Injections: The application of very small amounts of concentrated Botox in the vertical neck bands (platysma band) act to relax the platysma muscle, and therefore improve the severity of the Platysmal banding with minimal downtime. This procedure can be done in office during a regular scheduled office visit.  Longevity of the result requires serial treatment.


Patient had neck platysmal banding, and a facelift



Percutaneous Platysmotomy: Consist in the transection of the platysma muscle at several points along the band through small incisions in the skin. The transection of the muscle avoids the formation of the band with animation or grimacing. This procedure can be done in office, under local anesthetic, and the downtime is generally associated with mild swelling and bruising that may last several days.

Patient had neck platysmal banding, a facelift & CO2 Skin Rejuvenation


Retroauricular Platysma band correction: Consists of reshaping of the Platysma muscle through small-concealed incisions behind the ear. This can significantly correct the Platysmal banding with a long lasting effect, and can be done in office witih local anesthesia, and minimal hidden scars.

Submental Platysma band correction: Consists of reshaping the Platysma muscle through a submental (under the chin) incision. This approach allows direct liposuction or Precison TX laserlipo, beneath the chin, as well as removal of fat from the subsurface of the Platysma muscle (subplatysma fat excision) to improve neck contour and address the double chin deformity in some patients.

Neck Lift: Is indicated in patients with moderate to severe complaints of loose skin (turkey neck), excess submental (underneath the chin) fat. This technique is often coupled with liposuction or Precision TX laserlipo.