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Vocal Fold Injections

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Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 10.47.31 AMDr. Amanda Salvado is a fellowship trained Laryngologist with specialized training in disorders of the larynx, trachea, and esophagus. After completing her residency in Otolaryngology (ENT), Dr. Salvado was awarded and completed a prestigious and coveted fellowship program in Laryngology at UCLA.  With Dr. Salvado, vocal cord injections are fast, effective , and comfortable without requiring general anesthesia.


Office-Based Vocal Fold Injections


Who is a candidate for vocal fold injections?

Good candidates for vocal fold injections include Individuals with:


Why are vocal fold injections performed?

An office-based vocal fold injection is often performed to deliver a filler, such as a gel or collagen-like substance, into one or both vocal folds .  This improves voice production by allowing better contact of the vocal folds when speaking, allowing a stronger and more clear voice.  This procedure may also improve swallowing function.

In other cases,  Botulinum Toxin (i.e.: Botox) injections into one or both vocal folds may improve the voice.  This is true of individuals with spasmodic dysphonia or laryngeal tremors.  Botulinum toxin is also helpful to decrease vocal cord contact in patients with benign lesions from overuse and irritation, such as granulomas.


What is involved in vocal fold injections?

The vocal fold can be accessed through the skin from the front of the neck.  This procedure is usually performed by a fellowship-trained Laryngologist, such as Westside Head & Neck’s Dr. Amanda Salvado.

Vocal fold injections are an in-office procedure which can be completed in as little as 5 minutes without the need for sedation. They are often incorporated into a standard office visit. It can also be scheduled as a separate short procedure.  Patients can drive themselves home, wear standard street clothing , and they do not need to fast before the procedure.


What can I expect after vocal fold injections?

Patients should expect to have a numb throat for 45 minutes to an hour after the procedure. They should not have anything to eat or drink during this time.  The voice will not be optimal in the first few days after the injection but will improve quickly, and should sound great about one week after injections.  Voice rest is usually not necessary.