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Xeomin vs. Botox- What’s the difference?

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Xeomin vs. Botox- What’s the difference?

Xeomin is a fast acting neurotoxin that works in a similar fashion to Botox.

Xeomin and Botox both paralyze muscles and smooth wrinkles. In fact, they work by the exact same mechanism.  They share the identical active ingredient, botulinum toxin A, and the primary difference between the products is that Botox has an accompanying protein, while Xeomin does not have additives, Because of this, Xeomin theoretically has less risk of antibody formation. Since antibody formation causes resistance to botulinum toxin (and therefore ineffectiveness), it is possible that patients will develop less long-term resistance with use of Xeomin. This has not been proven.  In the skin, all of the protein detaches from Botox within 1 minute of injection so there is no reason why the effect of Xeomin should differ from Botox for single use.

Botox is a more well known product in the United Sates, though Xeomin has been used in German for more than 3 years and was recently FDA-approved for use in the United States.   Xeomin has the same duration of effect, time to effectiveness, and dosing as Botox.  This familiarity makes it an easy product for physicians to use. Just as in other cosmetic treatments, preference is subjective and patients are encouraged to try both neurotoxins on different sessions to see which one is more suitable for their individual physiology. Xeomin is also slightly less expensive than Botox at this time.