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Management of supraglottic dysgenesis presenting as laryngomalacia.  Behrad B. Aynehchi *, Nira A. Goldstein, Ari J. Goldsmith

Maxillofacial Injuries and Violence Against Women. Oneida A. Arosarena, MD; Travis A. Fritsch, MS; Yichung Hsueh, MD; Behrad Aynehchi, MD; Richard Haug, DDS

The utility of nasopharyngeal culture in the management of chronic adenoiditis.  Haidy Marzouk, Behrad Aynehchi *, Punam Thakkar, Tehila Abramowitz, Ari Goldsmith

Validation of the Modified Brief Fatigue Inventory in head and neck cancer patients  Behrad B. Aynehchi, Chelsea Obourn, Krishnamurthi Sundaram, Boris L. Bentsianov and Richard M. Rosenfeld

Dermoid cyst of the parotid gland.  Behrad Aynehchi, MD; Jason G. Newman, MD; John S. Brooks, MD

Lateral nasal artery pedicled island flap for repair of nasal alar defects.  Behrad B. Aynehchi and Richard W. Westreich

 Systematic review of laryngeal rein nervation techniques  Behrad B. Aynehchi, Edward D. McCoul and Krishnamurthi Sundaram

Deep Neck Infections. Behrad B. Aynehchi,  Gady Har-El

Teaching recurrent laryngeal nerve dissection to residents in head and neck endocrine surgery Krishnamurthy Sundaram, Behrad B. Aynehchi,

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