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Tips for Choosing the right Facial Surgeon

May 08, 2015

Tips for Choosing the right Facial Surgeon

At Westside Head & Neck, all cosmetic procedures, including dermal injections are done by one of our Board Certified ENT – Head & Neck Surgeons, and never by a physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner.   Here is why it is important that you know that:

  • A large portion of training in the specialty of ear, nose and throat surgery includes plastic and reconstructive surgery and non-invasive cosmetic procedures of the face, head and neck.
  • Otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat specialists) are regional experts in the anatomy of the face and neck.
  • Following medical school, selection into otolaryngology is one of the most competitive in the U.S. After 5-6 years of specialized surgical training, otolaryngologists are fully trained and qualified to perform cosmetic and reconstructive procedures above the shoulders.
  • The American Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (ABOto)  is one of the oldest certifying agencies in the U.S. A large portion of their examination is devoted to facial plastic surgery.
  • Their extensive training in the anatomy and physiology of the face makes otolaryngologists as much (if not better) experts in facial plastic surgery as are general plastic surgeons, who devote a good portion of their training to surgery of other body areas outside of the face.
  • As a prudent consumer, you should consider not only board certification, but also training and experience when choosing a cosmetic physician.
  • Ask for recommendations from friends and physicians.


The Bottom Line: When it comes to specialized plastic surgery and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, no one knows the face better than an otolaryngologist.


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