Coughing is a reflex that clears the windpipe and air passageways in the lungs, keeping them open. The cough reflex is an important defense mechanism: Coughing expels bacteria, mucus, and foreign substances that plug the airways and can cause pneumonia. Any process that irritates the windpipe or air passageways in the lungs can cause a cough. This is completely normal, but those who experience chronic coughing in Los Angeles may need to see an ENT doctor in Los Angeles for a proper diagnosis.

Common causes for coughing include:

More rarely, it can be related to a malignancy or chronic inflammatory process, which is why you should see a Los Angeles head and neck doctor if your cough refuses to subside. ​

A cough may be dry, or it may expel mucus from the air passageways. Symptoms that may occur with a cough include fever, chest wall pain, wheezing, sinus congestion, ​voice changes, swallowing changes​, and breathing difficulty.


Treatment for a cough depends on the underlying cause. Your cough could occur purely due to environmental factors, such as allergies or exposure to cigarette smoke, but your cough can also signal that you need medical attention. A bronchitis specialist in Los Angeles can examine you to see if your cough is bronchitis, asthma, allergies, or something else.

Cough treatments offered by doctors for chronic coughing in LA may include:

  • cough suppressant medications
  • antihistamines
  • corticosteroids
  • antibiotics
  • inhaled medications that help to open the air passages​
  • avoiding smoking

​After proper evaluation, appropriate treatment can be determined.​

Treating and Identifying Asthma Coughs

Asthma is a common condition that affects people’s lungs, and this condition rears its head most often during exercise and at nighttime. It’s not unusual for those living with asthma to wake up coughing and to feel like lying down makes their condition worse. They might also experience a shortness of breath and wheezing during exercise, and more severe cases will see these symptoms with little to no movement at all. These symptoms can also be signs of sinusitis and bronchitis, so it’s best to see a Los Angeles asthma specialist before diagnosing your breathing issues. Once you’ve been diagnosed with asthma, you can try to alleviate your symptoms with herbs, yoga breathing, and of course, an inhaler. You can also try to avoid cigarette smoke, mold, and areas with a high pollen count since these factors can worsen your asthmatic coughing.

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