Acute Nasal Fracture: What To Know

The Best Time to Repair a Broken Nose

Acute Nasal Fracture: What To Know

The face is one of the more sensitive areas of the body. This is particularly true of the nose. We depend on our noses to breathe, as well as warm and filter air before it enters the lungs. Noses are combinations of varied types of soft tissues. While this is a fairly tough and durable part of the body, it can be vulnerable to problems.

When you have a broken or fractured nose, it’s best to speak with a medical professional as soon as possible. An ENT doctor is a must in these cases. They can answer your questions and help you come up with a treatment plan to repair a fracture and recover as soon as possible.

Two in Five

Studies have shown that nasal fractures account for two in five cases of facial trauma. Fights, car crashes, falls, and aggressive sports are often to blame. Depending on the severity, sufferers may not even realize this has happened. A fracture that has been present for two days or more and left untreated will need special attention to prevent further damage, fluid buildup, and swelling. In many cases, treatment begins when someone comes to an emergency facility.

It Begins with an Examination

At our practice, we carefully examine the tissues. An ENT doctor will inquire what you were doing before the fracture happened, as a direct blow to the nose will have different consequences than one to the side of the nose. We will also ask you about any previous nasal surgeries and injuries. That can help us determine the proper course of treatment going forward.

A Closer Look

Doctors like those at our practice will also take a close look at the site of injury. In many instances, a problem with the nose may not be the only damaged area of the body. There might be underlying facial fractures or injuries that can lead to long-term problems such as paralysis if not handled carefully.

We will look at all areas of your face including your neck bones. You can expect us to make sure that your nose injury is examined closely but delicately to ensure a thorough assessment. It’s not just about the aesthetics – functionality is crucial. If you have a problem breathing as a result of the injury, we’ll make sure you have enough support to combat this problem. We’ll also ask you for a previous picture of your nose. That way, we can identify what your nose looked like before you were hurt.

A Treatment Plan

Most broken noses may not require much in the way of treatment in order to heal properly. However, there are instances in which you will need further treatment to get the results you’re looking for.

Those who have suffered from this problem may need to have nasal fracture reconstruction done. This will be done after the initial treatment is concluded. Doctors will ensure that you have adequate preparation before the procedure starts and support as it continues. The procedure may take some time to get in place. A doctor will send you to get x-rays done in order to examine the issue from varied angles and see what needs to be done once you’re ready for it. The process can take some time to complete. It can also take some time to heal.

At every step of the way, we’re here to help. We make it far easier to recover in the aftermath of this facial trauma and you can move on with your life.

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