Rhinoplasty For a Deviated Septum

What To Know About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty For a Deviated Septum

Rhinoplasty is the medical term for nose job. Lots of people may be familiar with this term. In brief, it’s the surgical repair or reformation of the nose. It is a multi-purpose surgery that can solve problems while also providing cosmetic enhancements.

Reconstructive Surgery

This is a Los Angeles reconstructive rhinoplasty job that consists of changing the inner functioning of the nose so that it works better. Lots of individuals who have experienced injuries that may have resulted in a deviated septum resort to this option to ensure that their nasal passage is functioning appropriately for their survival.

Cosmetic Surgery

People refer to the term cosmetic surgery when they are undergoing rhinoplasty to change the appearance of their nose. Various alterations can be made by undergoing this surgery.

Changing The Size Of Nostrils

Some individuals are displeased with the size of their nostrils. They may think that they are too small, others may think they are too big. Nose surgery in Los Angeles is capable of changing the size of the nostrils safely.

Straightening Bridge Of Nose

There may be unwanted curvatures and bumps within the nasal bridge that causes unpleasant results. Undergoing rhinoplasty in Los Angeles can alter the skin and cartilage.

Reshaping The Tip Of The Nose

Some people may feel as though the tip of their nose is too pointy or round. A surgeon can alter the tip of the nose so that it functions properly while also providing the definition that the client desires.

Changing Angle Of The Nose

Some individuals may have a nose that they feel is not balanced with other facial features. A plastic surgeon can help to balance your nose and change its angle so that it is not interfering with any other facial features.

How Does The Procedure Work?

Rhinoplasty surgeons in Los Angeles make incisions through certain areas of the nose to access bone and cartilage underneath the skin so that the appropriate changes can be made.

To create the desired results, a Los Angeles nose job specialist may need to use cartilage from other parts of your nose. Sometimes, the surgeon may need to take cartilage from other parts of the body.

The Perfect Candidate For Rhinoplasty

Most individuals who are confident enough to undergo the surgery are capable candidates. Your nose has to have enough structure and stability so that it can be altered. It also has to perform appropriately after the surgery.

Anyone who has a damaged structure because of previous surgeries may not be eligible to receive another nose job. Clients with unhealthy noses are considered risky candidates to ENT doctors in Los Angeles.

What Is A Deviated Septum?

A deviated septum is a condition that causes curvatures within the nasal passage that may cause a distorted appearance and harm to the patient. Lots of individuals have deviated septums after they have been involved with an injury. There are also cases of deviated septums that have originated from developmental, hereditary, and racial problems.

Types Of Deviated Septum

  • Anterior Dislocation Septum- Dislocated into one side of the chambers.
  • Spur- The septum curves into a point that touches the inner lining of the nose.
  • C- Shaped Dislocation- The septum is curved to one side.
  • S-Shaped Curvature- The septum is curved into an s-shape that flows into both sides of the nose.

How Long Does Rhinoplasty Take?

The surgical process may vary depending on the needs of the individual clients. Most rhinoplasty surgeries last for one day. The clients have to follow certain instructions so that the nose heals correctly.

What Is The Recovery Process Like?

The rhinoplasty recovery process has a very particular set of instructions that helps patients to avoid disrupting their results while also obtaining as much comfort as possible. After the surgery, patients are advised to stay in bed while sleeping with their head at an upright angle that is higher than their hearts. This helps the patient avoid excess bleeding and suffocation.

The nose will also be dressed so that damage is prevented. There are also instructions available to help patients avoid damaging their nose while they are engaging in physical activities.

Certain foods should also be consumed to promote proper healing that reduces the risk of adding pressure in the nose while it heals.

What If I Don’t Like My Nose After Surgery?

After the bandages are removed, the nose will be revealed. The results should be pleasing. Some people do not like their new nose. They may feel as though the physician did not follow their instructions correctly. There may also be instances when patients cannot breathe properly.

In this case, patients are advised by cosmetic nose job specialists in Los Angeles to wait for at least one year so that their nose can heal completely. Then, they will be able to undergo another nasal surgery without causing further complications.

What Will Your Experience Bring?

Each and every nose job is different in its own way. Rhinoplasty is a successful surgery that has made positive changes into so many lives. With proper preparation and education, a nose job can enhance life in many positive ways. Contacting our Los Angeles doctors for septoplasty could be the start of a beautiful decision.

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