Are Food Intolerance Tests Reliable?

July 17, 2020 by Admin0

Food intolerances are hard to diagnose because they are not food allergies. An allergic reaction tends to be fairly predictable, but a reaction based on a food intolerance can change over time, be exacerbated by external forces, and be hard to track. While food intolerance tests are reliable, they’re complicated. Your food intolerance tests will take more time and tracking than an allergy test.

Purpose of Testing
If you’re struggling with any autoimmune response that flares up unexpectedly, seeking out food intolerance testing Los Angeles may lessen your suffering. For example, if you suffer from bloating and gas, the culprit might be dairy. If you give up dairy and still have problems, your digestive discomfort may be caused by a FODMAP sensitivity, which includes foods like bread and lentils. A conversation and series of tests from a Los Angeles food allergy doctor could help you change your diet to reduce discomfort.

Volume Matters
If you’re seeking food sensitivity testing Los Angeles, be sure to keep a food diary and take honest measurements of what you eat. One of the challenges of tracking down a food sensitivity is that you may be able to tolerate some salicylates, but react badly to a large dose or combination. Tomatoes, berries and citrus fruits are all high in this compound. Bring your diary in for your initial consultation.

Track Your Symptoms
Knowledge is power, or at least more useful than ignorance. If you suspect a food sensitivity or intolerance, track

  • what you ate
  • how much of it you had
  • at what time you ate it
  • what your reaction was
  • how long it took to clear up

Before your session of food intolerance testing Los Angeles, make sure you pay special attention to your state of mind and stress level before you eat your meal or snack. Being anxious about your reaction can actually make a food insensitivity flare-up worse, or at least focus your mind upon your suffering. Being under extreme stress can also cause a more intense reaction to any allergen you ingest.

Be Patient
Determining the source of your sensitivity will take time. Your Los Angeles food allergy doctor can help you create an eating plan that will isolate certain foods that may be causing a problem. However, if your reaction is to a group of foods that trigger histamines in combination, your food sensitivity testing Los Angeles may require a great deal of time to track down.

Monitor Your Whole Body
Food intolerances can be quite sneaky. Yes, you can have a standard gut reaction. You can also suffer from joint pain, itchy skin, or unexplained irritability. If your family holidays always include your sister’s favorite wine, and the night always ends in a migraine, maybe it’s time to change your beverage selection. It’s also important to track your food over the long term. While a food allergy can make itself known quickly, food intolerances can take hours to display symptoms. Contact our ENT doctor Los Angeles today!

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