How Long Does It Take For Otitis Media To Clear Up?

July 10, 2020 by westsidehn0

Otitis media is a critical condition with effective remedies. However, there is definitely a recovery period.

With antibiotics
To start things off, with antibiotics, otitis media typically takes about three days to clear up. These antibiotics are very strong and get right to the root of the problem. An ear infection specialist Los Angeles can prescribe you these antibiotics as treatment. This is the strongest form of treatment, and an otitis media specialist Los Angeles will be able to administer them properly. Much like antibiotics, it’s important to not miss a single dosage. This will force you to reset to day one and will definitely slow your progress. Adults and children have different forms of antibiotics depending on their weight and height.

With pain medication
Next in line, pain medication is a milder form of treatment. In this case, it usually takes about five days for the infection to clear up. If you don’t have a busy agenda, this is a perfectly good way of handling otitis media. An ENT for ear infections Los Angeles is exactly what you want. An ear infection specialist Los Angeles will prescribe a pain medication that soothes the pain and allows you to continue your daily activities. In the end, you’ll restore your hearing without any permanent damage. In the worst case scenario, otitis media has infected both ears, and you’ll be experiencing pain on both sides of your body. Here, syrup medicine might be recommended as it is a bit stronger.

Otitis media treatment
Last but not least, what is the best way to treat otitis media. No matter what, you want to see an otitis media specialist in Los Angeles. A professional ENT for ear infections Los Angeles will be able to diagnose your case and evaluate your progress. Different people respond differently to otitis media, and it is best to get custom treatment. You’ll be on a quicker road to recovery that has less of a chance of exasperating things. Otitis media really shouldn’t be something that slows you down for weeks on end. If it persists for more than a couple of days, seek stronger help.

At the moment, when all is said and done, there are a couple of factors that determine how long it takes for otitis media to clear up. Consider these factors on your road to recovery. You’ll be back on your feet in no time! Contact our ENT doctor Los Angeles today!

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