Head Congestion: Causes and Symptoms

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Head Congestion: Causes and Symptoms

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from head congestion, you know just how painful it can truly be. Head congestion can be debilitating, uncomfortable, and stop you from enjoying activities that you love. Sadly, these issues are very common to California residents, and residents of Los Angeles in particular. Unfortunately, Chronic nasal congestion treatment in Los Angeles can be hard to find, but there are ways to find the best sinusitis doctor Los Angeles has available.

So, what are the causes and symptoms of head congestion? Let’s take a look.

What Is Head Congestion?

Head congestion may mean different things to different people, so let’s make sure we’re all on the same page about what it means. In this case, head congestion is defined as a feeling of pressure, fullness, or other discomforts from your head. It may originate in your head, neck, or nose. It can cause a great deal of pain and headaches. Sometimes, it can be annoying. Other times, the pain can force you to retreat your bed and make you want to hide under the covers. It can also cause other hugely problematic symptoms, such as a runny nose, sore throat and even difficulty breathing.

This brings us to the next question: What can cause head congestion? There are many possible answers.

The Flu

The Flu is responsible for tens of millions of illnesses every year and a wide range of deaths. While there are ways to prevent and treat the flu, it can make you miserable while you endure it. Common symptoms of the flu include body aches, a fever, sore throat, fatigue…and, of course, head congestion.

Remember, the flu is a virus. That virus can infect various parts of your body. The symptoms you experience are often caused by the virus or your body’s response to it. Swelling is a common bodily response to many illnesses, and this is why you experience congestion when you get the flu: Your nasal passages, sinuses, and throat may swell up, causing discomfort and giving you a feeling of fullness in your read, neck, and face. This can also cause your entire head and face to feel tender.

Fortunately, common decongestants can help to treat these symptoms.

Sinus Infections

Sinus infections are a very, very common reason to experience head congestion. Your sinuses are cavities inside of your head. They are located around your nose, forehead, and between your eyebrows. They are also lined with mucus. Unfortunately, the mucus membrane of your sinuses can become infected. When something gets infected, your body’s natural response is to rush antibodies to the infected area. This can heal the affected area, but also cause swelling, and that swelling can lead to feelings of pressure, pain, and discomfort.

Most of the time, a sinus infection will go away on its own, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sit there and endure the pain. Furthermore, chronic sinuses infections may be a sign of a more serious problem, and that is why it is always better to seek treatment for these issues. A professional will be able to diagnose and treat your illness while addressing the long-term challenges that have led to repeated infections.

A Cold

Virtually all of us know what it is like to have a cold and the misery that can follow. A cold can lead to many symptoms but generally means that we feel run down and tired. One of the more common symptoms of a cold is head congestion. This feeling is also more common with a head cold, which is a cold that will mainly impact your head. You may not be coughing, but instead will have a runny nose, head pain, and a sore throat.

Fortunately, colds are usually not serious and just require rest, along with over-the-counter medication. They also usually pass in a maximum of ten days. If you are experiencing a head cold for a longer period than that, you may want to seek treatment.

Air Pollution

If you live in an urban center, air quality issues can be a real concern and lead to many potential problems in your life, including breathing difficulties and head congestion. As noted by many experts, air pollution and air quality concerns may cause you real problems and result in head congestion. This is because the irritants in the air can negatively affect your sensitive nasal passages, lungs, and the lining of your throat, making you have a difficult time breathing and causing that uncomfortable feeling of fullness or pressure that you may experience.

Of the various causes listed here, air pollution is among the most serious, as it is the most difficult to avoid or treat. You can install filters or purifiers within your home, but moving is typically not an option for people – particularly the urban poor who are more likely to suffer from air pollution problems that may lead to head congestion.

These issues are common in many cities, including Los Angeles, which is why so many city residents have difficulty breathing in the city. Fortunately for city residents, difficulty breathing nasal congestion solutions in Los Angeles can be found.

Thankfully, despite the problem that head congestion can cause, there are many doctors who are specialists who are experts that can help you deal with these very real issues. If you are looking for chronic stuffy nose treatment in Los Angeles, or for a Los Angeles sinusitis specialist, make sure to check out Westside Head & Neck. Westside Head & Neck can give you the best treatment for nasal issues that LA has to offer. Contact our ENT doctor in Los Angeles today!

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