Why Am I Dizzy? 7 Possible Causes

July 6, 2020 by westsidehn0

There are a number of different parts of the body that need to be working together in order for your body to stay balanced. When your eyes, brain, nerves or inner ear aren’t working together properly, this can result in the room feeling like it’s spinning. Some people experience this vertigo very mildly. They can go about their day without too much of a problem. Other people are left bedridden for a day or two until the problem resolves itself. If you’re experiencing a bout of dizziness, let’s look at why this might be occurring.

Being low on fluids can cause your body to feel dizzy or unwell due to low blood volume and low blood pressure. Lightheadedness treatment Los Angeles will focus on properly hydrating the body as a way to reduce symptoms. Making sure that you consume enough fluids regularly will ensure that you don’t experience these symptoms too frequently.

Standing Up Too Fast
Orthostatic Hypotension occurs when your body gets up quickly but your blood pressure drops at the same time. This drop in blood pressure can cause you to feel lightheaded, dizzy or both. You can prevent this from happening by taking your time getting up.

Ménière’s disease
This inner ear disease affects more than 200,000 people each year. In addition to feeling dizzy or lightheaded, patients with this condition often experience ringing in the ears or nausea. meniere’s disease treatment Los Angeles will include a combination of medications that can prevent and reduce the dizziness. There are some diuretics used for this condition to flush out excess fluid in the body. In general, meniere’s disease treatment Los Angeles should be carefully monitored by a trusted professional.

When your heart rate isn’t at a normal rate or rhythm, your blood flow and blood pressure are usually affected. This can result in feeling off balance. Some people will experience a racing heart, palpitations or the feeling of having skipped beats. Other people don’t feel that their heart is functioning any differently. This can come on suddenly or gradually.

Side Effects of Medication
There are a whole slew of medications that can result in a person feeling dizzy. Most commonly, anti-anxiety medications carry dizziness as a side effect. It’s a good idea to let your doctor know that you’re experiencing dizziness upon taking your medication. They can help you decide if another medication would be more beneficial.

The flu is a common illness that causes people to feel dizzy. This is usually occurring because an illness is affecting the inner ear, sinuses, nervous system or causing a person to become dehydrated. A doctor for vertigo Los Angeles can help you determine what the course of action should be in order to treat the symptoms during illness.

Poor Circulation
In order for your body to remain upright and balanced, your blood needs to be flowing through your body properly. That means you need appropriate blood volume by way of proper hydration. Your blood pressure needs to be at a healthy level in order to pump blood to your brain and heart. There are a number of conditions that affect the body’s circulatory efforts, and poor circulation comes as a symptom of things like diabetes and heart disease.

It’s a good idea to seek dizziness treatment Los Angeles if your dizziness is causing you to feel faint or if you’ve fallen down. You should also seek dizziness treatment Los Angeles if this is something that’s occurring frequently. Your quality of life shouldn’t be affected by these frequent occurrences. A reputable doctor for vertigo Los Angeles can provide you with a safe and non-invasive lightheadedness treatment Los Angeles that can get you back on your feet again. Contact our ENT doctor Los Angeles today!

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